Friday, March 4, 2016

Latest Nigerian fraud technique

Hi friends,

I recently received add contact request on my linkedin from some person claiming to be a minister of state (MoS) in Nigeria.

He asked me if I you are interested in mutually beneficial partnership, then connect through Gmail.

After send him a 'hi' on Gmail. I received the below reply within few hours:

Dear Mr xxxxx (my name),
>   Glad to read your response to my proposal. The actual resources is my personal belonging to which partner for a foreigner with vast experience and better understanding of any growing and profitable country ,or in Asia region in general to part with confidentially. My primary motive is to invest fund worth of 11 million USD in your country for an investment in any profit oriented business such as real estate and others due to unprecedented rapid economic growth, and If you decide to render your service or part with me in this regard, there shall be provision for 10% incentive of the total capital for every effort render towards the successful end of this venture.
>   It will be a good thing to have you as my confidential partner who will on my behalf manage an investment in the area such as: Real estate, Renewable energy,Hospitality,Education and Project funding or other profit-oriented business in your country as the Expo 2020 is drawing closer. Base on mutual agreement/benefit between me and you as the parties.The idea behind my seeking for a confidential partnership with you is partly to your rich profile and to diversify the said funds as a result of the sudden downward drop in the global oil price which requires swift diversification to keep the value of the resources constant. Note that i am only interested to be the confidential  financier of the business as a sleeping or dormant partner with you alone not with a group of company or any existing partnership. As my present precarious state of health and age is already denying me the power to handle and manage vibrant investments anymore.
>  Requirements from you are:
>  (1) receive the said fund and manage effectively
>  (2) Advise on lucrative areas for investment
>  (3) Assist us in purchase of properties.
>   Waiting for your soonest reply so we can move to the next line of action such as to prepare a memorandum of understanding that will expresses a convergence of will between the party to indicate the intended common line of action and decide the meeting date and place. You can call on my personal number for prompt reply from me (+2349058014676)
>  Regards,
>  Ibe

After few emails exchange, when I did research on this I realised that this is a new way of fooling people. They will ask you to pay some money for the documentation, MoU, etc. Initially less amount like 200 USD, then later they will ask some or the other charges and ask you deposit more and so on.

You never get anything from them.

I hope this post will help few people.


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